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Roma, 12 novembre 1997

Cicerone reaches the New World of the juridical search
by Francesco Brugaletta
(director of Diritto & Diritti,
the law review on line at the following address:

In the first issue of Computer Valley, the new weekly dossier about the electronic culture enclosed to Repubblica, Ezio Mauro at the end of his article says:"Computer is the new frontier, men who are improving our society in science, school, comunications and, if we will be conscious of it, even in justice and in democracy, gravitate towards it". It is true: informatics and internet boom concerns the juridical information society too. In the age of cyberspace, in fact, the juridical information too will move towards a new way of comunicating: a paperless, digital and electronical information (for further information read CFR: the new article by M Cammarata, "On line le nuove leggi, il Palazzo scopre InterneT", published on MCMicrocomputer, October 1997, page 176).

This change in unavoidable because thanks to informatics and telematics,
1) everybody can easily know any juridical document
(sentences, administrative acts) of public interest;
2) the search is easy and immediate;
3) it is possible to create a feed back with the community
Today, thanks to Internet you can have free, the italian parliaments laws (its address is:, and in the site of the Camera you also find the shorthand reports of the sittings), all the news about the Ced of the Cassazione ( ), sentences of the european justice Court, those of the Cassino Law-Court and of the Tar Catania, laws of the Sicilian Regional Assembly ( ), and laws of the Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Calabria regions.

Everyday new laws, decrees and sentences of juridical interest are put on line; see for example the sites , , , and ; you can also visit the sites of the Department of State (they are all on line), and those of the on line reviews like Cardozo (law faculty, Trento University), Labour web (law faculty of Catania University), Obiter, La Buvette, Zaleuco and others.
Think about all the juridical information you can find in the sites of the Universities, in those of the Public Authorities (Aipa, Antitrust, Privacy), in the municipal sites.

Because of it is not easy to surf in this ocean of information you need some searching methods. Diritto & Diritti, the juridical review on line, presents you Cicerone, the first italian engine for searching juridical documents in the web.
It is an interface which semplify the search for juridical documents (laws, decrees, sentences) by means of two of the most important international engines, Metacrawler and Hotbot.

Its address is:

If you want to use Cicerone you have to fill all its fields: in the first one, by means of the drop-down menu, you describe the type of document you want (if it is a law, a decree or a sentences), in the second one you insert the document number, in the third one you insert the day, in the fourth one you insert the month and finally in the fifth one you insert the year, (ex:1997).
You could use Cicerone just filling some of its fields (in case you do not know all data about the document you want to search), but in this case the result of your search could be unreliable because of the presence of many general data.
Cicerone allows you to search french juridical documents
(lois, decrets, decisions), but for this search go to the following page: .

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